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Communication & Dissemination

Communication & Dissemination

Irudigital & H2020, your company for the creation of communication and dissemination plans for European projects

The dissemination of the project results is considered by the European Commission as one of the most important activities of the project and should start from the first phase of the project. Our team offers you the possibility of working from the first moment, planning communication milestones and delivering the corresponding periodic communication reports.

What is a European Project?

European project is an initiative led by Europe, within the framework program, which seeks to solve a problem or cover an existing need, at the European level.

The European Union, through these calls, therefore finances the development of that "solution" that solves the detected need.

The European Programs are the best opportunity for those companies that need financing for the development and market access of their projects and innovations.

These programs work within a system of financing, non-refundable subsidies and pre-financing, which allow the prior analysis, development and evaluation of their new products. There is a strong demand to join these European Programs. Companies must meet technical and administrative requirements with a high level of demand, consistent with the high participation in the calls.

Knowing in depth the intrinsic characteristics of each program and each call, dedicating resources to this task, giving it the value it should have, should be considered a strategic part within these requirements.

H2020 (Horizon 2020), the largest research and innovation program in EU

H2020 It is the largest research and innovation program in the European Union covering the period 2014-2020m, it is the framework program that precedes Horizon Europe whose execution period will be 2021-2027.

Horizon 2020 (H2020), is the financial instrument with which the European Union supports the implementation of strategies and priorities in terms of research and innovation.

Endowed with more than 80,000 million euros for the 2014-2020 period, it welcomes multiple and very varied projects.

January 2021, the planned date for the start-up of Horizon Europe, with an expected duration of 6 years, will end in 2027.

More than € 100B approved, the European Commission starts with the aim of promoting research and innovation in European projects.

Waiting for the last communications prior to its launch, its strategic planning process, work programs, calls for funding and deadlines, we are preparing to prepare communication plans, strategies and dissemination requirements appropriate to this new framework.

If your company is interested in participating, now is the time to act!.

Communication and dissemination of projects framed in H2020

Irudigital is a communication agency specialized in I + D + I environments, development of communication strategies, design and development of sites and all those communication channels necessary to meet the communication and dissemination objectives of the projects.

Now we must plan which of your projects could get public funding!

With Horizon Europe, there is more budget for research and innovation than ever, but the competition is also tougher than ever.

The Commission obliges the dissemination of the results of all those projects under the Plan with the aim of making the public aware of what public funds are being invested in. And here we enter, Irudigital as a communication agency, in collaboration with the R + D + I centers and companies that finance their projects framed in Horizon 2020.

Within each project, a part of the project is required to include a specific section (and item) to define and develop communication and dissemination tasks where the objectives and results that are developed throughout life are made known of the project.

How do we make a Communication Plan for European projects?

A good Communication Plan for European projects involves defining a strategy that includes the following points:

  • Project description.
  • Mission, vision and values of the Project.
  • Determine communication objectives.
  • Define the different target audiences we are targeting.
  • Define the responsible bodies and communication management structure of the Project.
  • Create the corporate image that the project will have.
  • Establish the messages and claims that we are going to communicate.
  • Select the communication channels that we are going to use to disseminate the project: web, social networks, newsletters, press releases, merchandising, posters, advertising campaigns ...
  • Follow-up and monitoring of the project on the network.
  • Definition of KPIs for the creation of results reports.
  • Periodic deliverables of results.

We will work hand in hand from the moment the project is launched:

kickoff meeting

Kick off meeting

periodic reports

Periodic reports



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